“Thanks so much for inspiring me on this path” Claire Lane acaciafarm.com.au

“Lorri was fantastic in all the advice she gave.  It certainly did help me a lot with getting to where I am today” Shannon eatsweet.com

“Throughout the workshop, I began to understand more and more that it wasn’t just enough to be good at what you do, but it was equally just as important to have a plan, know what you’re worth and market yourself well. Lorri mentioned that having a plan for a small business could potentially be just the first 5 things you’d like to achieve in the next 6 months so it didn’t have to be a 50 page document. The best part is that I’ve done 4 out of my 5 things in the last 6 months and am looking forward to planning the next 5 things for the rest of the year” Charmaine Loke

“thank you for delivering a course with great content in such an open and encouraging manner” Jayne Todd

“I have been working in sales and marketing for 20 years and have attended numerous seminars, workshops etc etc  – you top my list. You have definitely found your ‘niche’ in life. You have the innate ability to capture and audience, energize, educate and inspire.” Nicole Cooper

“What can I say – you were fabulous!   When I welcomed everyone to the workshop I told them they would leave at the end of the day feeling inspired. Then you got up there oozing inspiration – as soon as you opened your mouth I knew we were on a winner!” Tess, Stroud Markets Manager