Hosted by The Dirty Apron & Co and My Other Kitchen  

Sink your teeth into our one-day intensive course designed for food businesses or entrepreneurs that want to get cooking in the food market. Your journey begins from how to prepare your business plan right through how to talk with your customers. We’ll tear right into the meat of the psychology of food in regards to business aspects so you’ll learn everything you need to in order to bite into success.

You’ll get your fill of the following topics:

Planning, packaging, labelling, branding, website design and how to do it right yourself

Understanding how to get your product to wholesalers, retailers and your customers

Setting your business table for success

In order to give you the best experience, we’ll send you an email the day prior to prepare you with ideas to bring to the course so you get the most out of it. We’ve arranged a professional food consultant from Bake It Bottle It Sell it Lorri Loca with over 25 years experience in the food industry to help us host this tasty course, so bring your appetite for knowledge!

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