Lorri Loca is a passionate, talented and inspiring business advisor, teacher, speaker and mentor. Her approach is fearless and her energy and enthusiasm are channelled into helping her clients successfully operate in one of the toughest markets there is.

Lorri is the founder of Bake It Bottle It Sell and the 5-Step Make It Big program. She has developed and fine-tuned the program drawing on her years of experience in Australia’s food industry.  Lorri’s focus is on clients that want to turn their food dream into a business and then take it to the next level.

Lorri’s experience spans over 20 years in the industry. She has helped other people, just like you, on the path to success. Lorri has so much knowledge to share from her time in restaurant management, event management, catering, marketing and teaching roles. In Lorri’s kitchen the temperature is always HOT and everything is running on FULL SPEED.

Lorri currently lives in Sydney and can frequently be found in Melbourne with her finger on the pulse of the latest food trends.


About the Courses

In her course you will understand the Psychology of buying and selling. Why a customer would buy your product over another product. Understanding why people can look at 20 different jars of strawberry jam and choose to buy the one they have never tasted, or what products people buy good enough to sit on the dinner table and the ones they put into a bowl.